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Halloween Costumes at the CDI College Scarborough Campus in ON

Part 3 of 3

On the 31st of October, 2013 CDI College Scarborough Campus students, faculty and staff dressed up for the Halloween celebration. They covered wide range of different themes and characters like flowerpot man, the joker, ninja, possessed person, rag doll, snow white, Victorian, zombie, nurse, Wizard of Oz, angel, batman, bunny girl, cowboy, cowgirl and much more. Please, post your comments and let us know what you think!

Here is what one of the Business Administration program students says about CDI College: “The instructors are helpful in many ways, when I have questions about different things concerning the subject, class, assignments, marks an many more they have been awesome Overall, I have to say it has been a great experience. It is a great college… and looking forward to a job after I am finished school.”

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